Diamond Fields Announces Management Change

Aug 9, 2010 | 2010, Corporate News

Vancouver, Canada, August 9, 2010: Diamond Fields International Ltd. (DFI:TSX) is pleased to announce that Mr. Ian Ransome, Diamond Fields’ Chief Operating Officer since 2007, was appointed as interim President and Chief Executive Officer of the Company on July 30, 2010, taking the place of Mr. Wayne Malouf in those positions. “With the successful acquisition of the Atlantis II project, the Company has moved on to a new phase of development, requiring greater technical input from management”, Mr. Malouf was quoted as saying.

The Board thanks Mr. Malouf for his dedicated support and leadership as President and CEO over the past three years, and for managing the acquisition of the Atlantis project. Mr. Malouf has agreed to continue to serve as a member of the board of the Company and as non executive Chairman.

Mr. Ransome was born in Singapore and educated in the United Kingdom, where he obtained his B.Sc. (Hons) degree in geology from Oxford Brookes University. He subsequently undertook post graduate studies for M.Sc. and Ph.D. degrees at the University of Cape Town, South Africa, prior to working as a consultant in the mineral exploration industry. Ian brings to the Company over 15 years of exploration management experience in Africa , including over eight years experience in West Africa, where he has worked in Sierra Leone, the Republic of Guinea, Liberia and Benin, primarily in diamond and gold exploration. Mr. Ransome, formerly as a consultant for the Company, was responsible for developing Diamond Fields’ onshore exploration programs in Liberia, Madagascar and Zambia, and has been involved in the assessment of potential acquisition projects as well as in the day to day management of the Company.

The current officers and directors of the Company are as follows:

Ian G.D. Ransome President, CEO and Chief Operating Officer
E. Wayne Malouf Chairman and director
Gooroodeo (Mahen) Sookun CFO, Secretary and director
Earl V. Young director
Gregg J. Sedun director
Norman Roderic Baker director
Crain McClean director


“Ian Ransome”

Ian Ransome, Chief Executive Officer
For further information, contact Ian Ransome at + 27 21 5550442
Website: www.diamondfields.com

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