Diamond Fields International Ltd. Announces Operations Update

Jun 6, 2003 | 2003, Corporate News

Diamond Fields International (TSX-DFI) announces an update regarding the resumption of mining operations in its Marshall Fork deposit in the Luderitz Blue Bay Project area.

Roger Daniel, Director of Operations for DFI, commented: “As previously reported MV Anya has undergone repair, maintenance, and improvement work in Cape Town as well as work to allow upgrading of the vessel’s Classification Society and change of Flag State to South Africa. Gemfarm reports that initial dry dock congestion followed by bureaucratic processes associated with the Classification Society and Flag State changes have resulted in excessive unforeseen delays in port. Gemfarm has advised us that production in Marshall Fork will resume before the end of June. Given the superior performance of the MV Anya in the Marshall Fork area, the Company has decided not to redeploy the MV Lady S for the present time while it considers alternative production options.”

Jean-Raymond Boulle, Chairman and CEO of DFI commented: “We are pleased with the performance of the MV Anya considering its availability was lower than expected during its recent operations. Recovered grades have been excellent at 2.45 carats per square meter while Agra Simons had estimated the zone to contain 1.01 carats per square meter. The unforeseen delays in Cape Town harbour have been unfortunate and beyond the control of DFI, however, these delays have been primarily due to the reflagging off the vessel and are of a non-recurring nature. In addition, as a result of the extensive work undertaken we will have a much enhanced vessel leading to improved availability and mining efficiency during future operations.”

“Jean-Raymond Boulle”
Jean-Raymond Boulle
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

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